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Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance

Renters in the North Carolina Area Can Benefit from Renters Insurance!

You have found the perfect rental, but you may be asking yourself if you need renters insurance. Your landlord may have told you that you are required to carry renters insurance. If you are like most people, you have little or no idea what renters insurance is, what it covers, and why you would need it. At Kempton Insurance Group, we are independent agents, and we carry a variety of products from many different carriers. We welcome the opportunity to sit down with you to discuss the benefits of renters insurance in North Carolina, South Carolina, and/or Virginia.

As a renter, you are not responsible for covering the physical structure of the place you are renting, whether it is an apartment, condo, townhouse, or home. The landlord carries that coverage. However, everything that you bring into the rental, your personal possessions, furniture, electronics, jewelry, clothing, and more is your responsibility. Rental insurance will also cover your belongings if you carry them with you on a trip or in your car.

Bad things happen, and if your rented dwelling is damaged, you could lose everything you own. That is why having renter insurance can give you a sense of security. It will allow you to replace or repair your possessions if tragedy strikes. Renters insurance also includes liability coverage. If someone is hurt in your home, and they need medical care, liability protects you. It will also protect you against legal action that can result from that injury. If you have pets, your insurance will protect you from events while walking your dog or at the dog park.

Another beneficial coverage is the loss of use. If a covered hazard damages your rental and you cannot live in it, your renter's insurance will help to cover the cost of another place for you to stay until the dwelling is habitable again.

North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia are great places to live. Having renters insurance can protect you from some of the things that can go wrong in life. At the Kempton Insurance Group, we have experienced agents who can help you find the perfect policy for your needs and budget. Give us a call today for a no-obligation quote.

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