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My Car is in Storage. Do I Still Need Auto Insurance?

Legally, you don’t need car insurance if your vehicle is in storage and it isn’t driven. But does that mean you don’t need insurance? There are several reasons you won’t be driving your vehicle anytime soon. Perhaps, you are going for an extended vacation, recovering from an injury, or you just don’t want to use your car.

You might consider dropping your auto insurance when your car is in storage. But is this a smart thing to do? Kempton Insurance Group of Charlotte, NC has seen and heard it all when it comes to car insurance.

Here are some reasons why you still need your car insurance:

Some risks don’t go on holiday

Yes, your car is not on the road, so the risk of crashing into another vehicle doesn’t exist. However, risks like fire, theft, and natural disasters never have an off-season. That said, ensure your car has comprehensive coverage to protect it against non-collision threats.

It may still be required

If you have a car loan, your lender expects you to maintain car insurance all year through. Canceling your car insurance may be a violation of your loan agreement with the lender.

Creates gaps in your policy

Canceling your car insurance may put you in the category of a high-risk policyholder. This may lead to higher premiums when renewing your policy in the future.

Canceling your auto insurance when your vehicle is in storage can be a financial blunder. Risks might happen that may eat into the small savings you are making by not paying the premiums. The best thing to do is maintain your car insurance but suspend coverage options that you may not need. For instance, collision and liability policies won’t be required when your car isn’t being driven, but comprehensive coverage is a must-have.

Car insurance in Charlotte, NC

Want to learn more about car insurance? Feel free to contact Kempton Insurance Group for all your car insurance needs.

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