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I have a small online business. Do I need umbrella insurance?

As a business owner, you have assets that need protection. Often, unexpected situations occur that can affect the operation of a business financially as well as in other ways. Some of these incidents may exceed the current maximum limits of an existing insurance policy. Kempton Insurance Group is committed to helping Charlotte, NC business owners protect themselves financially, legally, and more from the unexpected.   

What is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance is backup insurance. If your existing insurance policy doesn’t fully cover an incident or event, umbrella insurance steps in to cover anything beyond the maximum coverage limits of your primary insurance. Umbrella insurance offers a wide variety of benefits and can sometimes act as primary insurance if your existing policy doesn’t have/offer a specific type of coverage. Personal liability coverage, as well as coverage for property damage, some lawsuits, and more, are provided by umbrella insurance. In short, umbrella insurance provides coverage and protection once your primary insurance has reached its maximum limits. It also covers losses not covered by your primary insurance policy. 

Do I need umbrella insurance?

Regardless of the size and scope of your business, you have assets to protect. As a result, umbrella insurance can be highly beneficial, regardless of the size of your business. Remember that umbrella insurance isn’t a separate insurance policy but rather a policy designed to complement and add to your existing policies. You must have primary insurance to obtain umbrella insurance. Accidents and unexpected incidents can occur at any given time, and your primary insurance policy may not adequately or fully cover an incident. Umbrella insurance can provide peace of mind for small businesses when a backup or umbrella policy supports the limits of their primary insurance policies. Umbrella insurance is designed to cover approved accidents and situations that exceed their primary insurance limits. If you have more questions about umbrella insurance, we’d like to help you explore the benefits. Call Kempton Insurance Group in Charlotte, NC. We’re standing by. 

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