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How Medigap Supplements Your Medicare Policy

The term Medigap does not refer to a government program. Still, the group of supplemental insurance policies that the owner of a Medicare policy can add to cover their medical care needs fully. That means that you can purchase a Medigap policy from Kempton Insurance Group. We serve Charlotte, NC, with the health insurance its residents need to protect their health and well-being. 

Building a Medicare Policy 

Individuals who qualify for Medicare can choose which parts (A, B, C, D) they want to receive. Part A is always free. For the other Parts, the insured pays a premium to receive. 

Medigap coverage refers to private insurance that does not come from the government that supplements Medicare coverage, filling in the areas that no part pays for, such as travel abroad for treatment and some experimental or developing treatments. Medicare coverage that comes free pays for hospitalization costs, and that’s it. You would need to pay for Part B to obtain insurance that covers doctor’s visits and wellness programs. Part D covers prescriptions, and the much later created Part C combines all three. 

Gaps in Coverage 

Medicare has always had gaps in coverage. Private health plans let you cover what Medicare does not – no matter how many parts of coverage you buy. But Kempton Insurance Group can help you locate and purchase insurance plans that cover your medical needs, such as transportation costs or out-of-state treatment. We can even help those with pre-existing conditions find an insurance policy that helps them better care for their health as they age. 

Contact Us Today to Learn More

Before you elect your Medicare coverage, contact our Charlotte, NC office. Let us conduct an insurance review that determines what coverage you most need before you choose your Medicare Parts. We can also help identify policy options that will help you meet likely needs as you age. Call or email us today. 

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