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Documents you should always carry in your vehicle

As you drive your vehicle around the state of North Carolina from the coastal area of the Outer Banks to the Great Smokey Mountains in the west, you need to make sure you have the documents in your vehicle you need to be legal. At Kempton Insurance Group in Charlotte, NC, we stay up to date with our customers and are happy to ensure that everyone knows exactly what they need in their glove box before they hit the road. 

Vehicle inspection

Your vehicle needs to have an annual safety inspection before it can be registered. It must be done within 90 days of the expiration of the registration. You will not be able to register your vehicle until it is completed, and in 19 countries, it also must include an emissions test. 

Vehicle registration

Vehicles in North Carolina need to be registered every year. You can register online or in person at the DMV. This allows the state to keep track of all the previous vehicle owners and any liens since you must show the title to register the vehicle for the first time. 

Auto insurance card

When you get your insurance for the first time or your renewal, you will get a copy of the policy either online or through the mail. With the policy itself, you will have auto insurance cards that prove you have auto insurance. You should immediately bring one to place in the glove box with your registration. 

Driver’s license

To drive in North Carolina, you must have a driver’s license. Many people use it for identification and will not keep it in the vehicle, but it will be there when you are there. 

Call our office at Kempton Insurance Group in Charlotte, NC for any auto insurance needs. 

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