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Should I get a motorcycle insurance policy?

For people in the Charlotte, NC area, owning a motorcycle could be a great option. This area of North Carolina tends to have good weather throughout the year, making owning a motorcycle a very reliable and practical mode of transportation. When you are going to get a motorcycle, it is important to assess your insurance needs. There are several reasons why you should get a motorcycle insurance policy. 

Insurance Provides Valued Protection

The main reason that you should get a motorcycle insurance policy is that it will provide you with valuable protection. When you get motorcycle coverage, you will receive liability protection that will support you if you are deemed liable for damages in an accident. If you get a full policy with comprehensive and collision protection, you will receive coverage for a wide range of issues that could result in a loss, including damage or theft.

Insurance is Required

It would help if you also got a motorcycle insurance policy because it will likely be a requirement for you. Anyone that owns a motorcycle in North Carolina will need to have at least liability insurance whenever they take the motorcycle out for a ride. Additionally, you will have additional requirements if you took out a loan. 

As you are shopping for motorcycle insurance in the Charlotte, NC area, you should speak with someone that you can trust to ensure you make the best decision possible. The team at Kempton Insurance Group can provide you with the guidance and support that you need to choose a quality policy. The professionals at Kempton Insurance Group will take a personalized approach for helping you choose a policy. They can also answer any questions you have about your needs and options. 

Tips for Buying Boat Insurance

As an experienced boater or just a boat owner, you probably know about the importance of boat insurance. You need to carry this type of insurance to be fully protected if you get into a boating accident. If you have just started looking for boat insurance and have no idea where to start, Kempton Insurance Group serving clients in Charlotte, NC has prepared the list of tips for purchasing the perfect boat insurance policy: 

Determine what type of boat you have

Do you have a fishing boat that you use for fishing on weekends, or is it a party boat where your family and friends gather regularly? The type of boat you have affects the cost of your boat insurance. For example, an insurance policy for vessels greater than 27 feet is more expensive than regular boat insurance. 

Know the basic two types of boat insurance: Agreed Hull Value (AHV) and Actual Cash Value (ACV)

With the AHV policy, a boat owner and the insurance company agree on the amount that the boat owner receives from the insurance company if the boat is totaled. The AHV policy costs more, and the premiums are higher, but the coverage offered is also bigger than ACV coverage. With ACV coverage, a boat owner is given the current market value of the boat in the event of a total loss. 

Make sure that the policy includes towing assistance coverage.

You should make sure that the boat insurance you chose handles an on-water towing coverage endorsement. If it does not, you may end up paying a huge bill out of pocket. 

Whether you have just purchased a new boat or you have been using your boat for a while, boat insurance is an investment you need to make to protect your precious possession, all the belongings, and yourself. If you live in Charlotte, NC and need some help with choosing the right policy based on your insurance needs and budget, do not hesitate to contact the Kempton Insurance Group and talk to one of our experienced agents. 

What is umbrella insurance and who should have it

When you think of an umbrella, a well-known insurance company may come to mind. The name is a very fitting since an umbrella offers protection from life falling down on you, and umbrella insurance protects you from the storms of life. An umbrella policy is a form of excess liability insurance. It supplements another policy you have with liability coverage, such as auto, home, and boat insurance. The team at Kempton Insurance Group in Charlotte, NC does the work for you when it comes to finding the perfect carrier to meet your needs. 

If you are in an auto or boat accident where you are found at fault, the medical bills can exceed the liability limit on your primary policy. With the cost of hospitalization, it isn’t hard to imagine that happening. When the limit of your policy is reached, your umbrella policy takes over. It covers the expenses up to the limit on the umbrella policy. It will also pay for legal costs if you are sued. Even if you win the case, the expense of defending yourself can be very high. 

An umbrella policy will protect you if someone is injured while visiting your house or if a friend or family member is in your car or boat when an accident occurs. Many scenarios can present themselves where you might be sued for injuries you are directly or indirectly responsible for. Without an umbrella policy, if you owe more than the liability on your policy, you will be liable to pay the excess amount out of pocket. 

At the Kempton Insurance Group in Charlotte, NC, we have been offering the finest in online services to our customers for the past 11 years. Let us help you to get the umbrella coverage you need. Call, fax, or visit us online to get a quote on auto and home. 

Flood Insurance FAQs from Kempton Insurance Group

Does your property need flood insurance? At Kempton Insurance Group, we offer different flood coverage options for the Charlotte, NC area. Since floods are relatively rare events, property owners often have questions about the insurance and how important it is. Our FAQs will help lend some clarity to this important type of coverage!

What Does Flood Insurance Cover?

Flood insurance is designed to cover physical damage to property and possessions created by a large flood event where water rises across a broad area. Flood insurance does not cover damages related to events after the flood (mold problems, for example).

Am I Covered for Flood Insurance?

Unless you have specifically purchased flood insurance or added it to an existing policy, then you probably don’t have it. A general homeowner’s insurance policy will cover things like damage from storms and hail, but it specifically does not cover floods.

Do I Have to Get Flood Insurance?

North Carolina does not require any property owner to get flood insurance. However, lenders that provide mortgages or other property loans may require you to get flood insurance as part of the loan process and keep it until the loan is paid off.

Flood insurance is often measured by the risk of a flood in the area, which is defined by flood plain maps. If your property is in an area with high or moderate (or even low) flood risk, then it’s likely lenders will require insurance.

Is My Property in an Area with Flood Risks?

You can check federal flood zone maps to see if your property is in a flood risk area. Or you can simply contact an insurance agent or title company and ask if they can provide the necessary information for you.

If you have any further questions or would like to get pricing information for flood insurance, please contact Kempton Insurance Group, serving the Charlotte, NC area.

Why do I need condo insurance?

The Charlotte, NC area is one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the entire country. Due to this, there are consistently many new condominium projects going up all over the area. If you would like to purchase a condo in this area, you will receive a variety of different amenities. While there are plenty of advantages that come with owning a condo, you do need to make sure that your asset is adequately protected. A great way to do this is by getting condo insurance. There are several reasons why you will need to have this coverage.

Meet Requirements

One reason why you need to get condo insurance is to meet the basic requirements of your agreements. Most people that buy a condo will be required to get condo insurance by both their mortgage lender and their association. To ensure that you are in compliance with both, you should get a quality condo insurance policy.

Receive Valuable Protection

You will also need to get a condo insurance policy to receive valuable protection. With a condo insurance policy, you will receive property coverage for your dwelling and personal assets, as well as personal liability insurance. All of these forms of insurance could prove to be very important and helpful during some challenging situations. 

If you do own a condo in the Charlotte, NC area, you need to make sure that you get the proper insurance. The team at Kempton Insurance Group can help someone in this area to get into a policy that provides the right type and level of coverage. The insurance professionals at Kempton Insurance Group can evaluate all of your options and needs to make sure you get into a policy that provides you with the right coverage to meet your needs. 

The Most Common Business Insurance Claims

When it comes to your business, protecting it from disasters and crime are two of the main reasons you will want to take business insurance. Your business is an investment and your livelihood so it makes sense to have an insurance policy that will cover any loss you may incur in the future but what are the most common business insurance claims? Here is a list of the top four claims businesses file each year:

Customer Injuries

Your customers are your number one priority for your business and if one of them slips and falls on your property or is injured in some other manner while visiting your office, store, or shop, you will want to make sure they are covered on your business insurance policy. About 10 percent of business insurance claims each year are related to customer injuries.

Water Damage

Hurricane season in North Carolina can be brutal and water damage can occur. Your business insurance policy should cover damages caused by heavy rains, high winds, and flooding.

Losses Due to Fire

When it comes to your business, protecting it from a fire should be a high priority. If your business suffers a fire, you will need to get it back up and running as soon as possible and your business insurance policy will be instrumental in making that happen.

Burglary and Theft

Whether a theft occurs from an outsider on a bad employee, you will want to have this coverage in place before an incident occurs to protect your investment.

The insurance specialists at the Kempton Insurance Group in Charlotte NC, can assist you with all of your business insurance needs. Call for an appointment today!

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